Website Case Study

Vermont Quick Lube contacted us for a site redesign because they weren’t getting the web exposure they wanted. Power Shift looked over their current site and realized the problem. Vermont Quick Lube had an old and outdated Frontpage site. It was a free, create your own website, and it showed.

Missing Content and Search Engine Data

Because the site was created quickly and cheaply, it lacked enough content for search engines to rank it properly. The site was missing title tags, a description, keywords and even a title! Some pages had no text, giving nothing for search engines to read. Basically, their site didn’t exist. 

How Does this Affect Your Site in Google?

A site that lacks content, meta information and titles, provides Google with nothing more than a URL. The site will not come up when users search for things like “Vermont Oil Change.” For a user to find the site, they would have had to search for “Vermont Quick Lube.” That’s great for your current customers, but it doesn’t help new customers find your business. Now, with a new web design by Power Shift, Vermont Quick Lube comes up on the first page. 

How Does this Affect Your Site Elsewhere?

When your site is missing critical information, your site doesn’t communicate well with other websites. Let’s use Facebook as an example. Both examples below are links to the same website posted on Facebook. With the new website, Facebook was able to pull in the name of the business, an image, and even a special. With the old website you get just the URL. The old site link isn’t going to grab anyone’s attention and you are going to miss out on potential customers.

Facebook Post Comparison

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