About Power Shift

A well-capitalized, expertly staffed ISP, Power Shift is committed to growing apace with the Internet.

Power Shift Online began in 1992 as a small computer services company in Montreal, Canada. Joe Allen, the current company president, teamed up with an old friend Anthony Dodd, and formed Power Shift Computer Services, providing mostly business customers in the U.S. and Canada with PC sales and service. The following year they offered Internet access and a full range of related services. 

Our History

In 1995 Allen sold the computer side of the business to his partner and moved to Stowe, Vermont. Re-incorporated as Power Shift Computer Services, Inc., Allen concentrated solely on providing Internet services to the Stowe region, including website hosting, ISDN network connections, e-mail, message forums, etc. At that time the company maintained just four "POTS," otherwise known as plain old telephone lines. 

Within a year, Power Shift Online had expanded to 25 phone lines and enlarged its local dial-up service area to include the state capital, Montpelier, and other outlying areas. It also added NT web servers and more advanced website hosting. 

Power Shift began the year 2000 with perhaps its most important "growth spurt": national dial-up access. By 2001 Power Shift was the first in their area to offer Broadband connections via DSL and Fixed Wireless. 

Our Purpose

Presently, Power Shift has narrowed our focus to Hosting with advanced Boutique E-Mail services. This allows Power Shift to host websites for businesses and individuals around the World. We have not forgotten our roots providing personalized service. 

As a well-capitalized, expertly staffed ISP, Power Shift is committed to growing apace with the Internet. But it is equally committed to remaining faithful to its founding premise: shifting the power of the Internet to its customers. Power Shift delivers on this commitment through its highly personalized approach to service, technical support and customer education.

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