Dial-Up Internet

A great backup if your connection goes down

With Power Shift’s dial-up internet, you can go online from over 6,000 locations throughout the US and Canada. And, while slower than broadband, dial-up is available almost everywhere; all you need is an active phone line and a modem. As long as you’ve got a dial tone, you’ll have affordable access to the web in minutes! Dial-up also serves as a great backup if your high-speed connection goes down.

Dial-Up Plans

Dial Up Plan Charges Hours per Month Email Addresses
Unlimited Access * $19.95 / Month or $179.40 / Year Unlimited 5
Casual Access $9.95 / Month 1 40 1
Low Access $4.95 / Month 1 10 1
  • Student, teacher, and senior discounts available! Contact us for more details.
  • Overage charges may apply if monthly usage limit is exceeded. Overages are charged at $1.00 / hour and pro-rated to the minute.

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