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Are You Getting Buried in Search Results?

Google’s new search result algorithm could mean BIG changes for your business and its visibility

On April 21st of this year, Google made a major change to their search algorithm, which now favors responsive, mobile-friendly sites, and causes those that are not mobile-friendly to see a dip in their search rank. Sites that are mobile-friendly according to Google are seeing the flip side of this, and have potentially gained organic search rank.

Google made this change as an effort to provide their users with the best possible websites first while they are using the search engine. Websites that are responsively designed will be shown first, while those that are not Responsive and not mobile-ready will be shown last. This means non-mobile sites normally found on the first page of search results could potentially see a substantial hit.

However, this change does benefit those who have already made the move to a responsive website. Responsive sites with far-less organic SEO data could see large jumps in page rank, and could rocket ahead of those with higher SEO stats, strictly due to better site mobility.

Google holds roughly 75% of all Search Engine Market shares, so it’s no surprise that they want to provide their users with the most tailored experience possible, which is a large reason for the change.

A few months ago, Google provided a link to check whether your site was mobile-friendly according to their standards. Please click on the link below to test whether your site makes the cut!


What’s more is that this test does not provide your site with a grade, but is rather a strict “pass or fail” test.

Here are the steps your business should take to ensure you will not lose your hard-earned search rank:

First, run Google’s mobile-friendly test on your website’s URL. If your site passes the test, you’re golden! If not, you should consider contacting our team here at Power Shift, or your own personal web developer, and looking into what it would take to get into a responsive mobile website.

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